Simple approach: What makes a great logo?

If you’re reading this, we should suppose that you understand how much is good logo important for your business, it has a vital role, but what makes a good logo?

Let’s get back to the basics. We’ve all heard that logo should be meaningful, distinctive, simple, versatile, relatable, timeless, memorable, appropriate – but what all of this actually means?

Simplicity is relative, but ..

Let’s start from simplicity. Good logo should be simple in its construction, but not in concept. So when non-graphics person look at it, the first reaction should be – I can make that!

Is your logo memorable?

Place your logo with three other logos. Look at every logo for a five seconds, starting from your logo, then use pen and paper to draw it. If it’s at least 2/3 correct, you’re on the right path.


Just ask yourself few simple questions. Will my logo look good in black and white? Vice versa? Can I place it on the billboard and on postage stamp at the same time?

Will your logo still be effective in 20 years?

You’re logo should be timeless, and the perfect example – Coca Cola. They didn’t change their logo for more then 130 years. 130, yes. They definitely didn’t follow trends. So, should you avoid them?


Logo should be specific for industry, the clients and the target market, nothing more, nothing less.

Hardest for the end? Distinctive.

You’re logo should stand out from the crowd. Easier said than done. That’s why you’re logo should be design by professionals, who will conducting further research then design brief, who will made endless sketches to find perfect solution for you.