The Way Of The Future: Logo Design Trends in 2018

We’re into the third month in 2017, and you’re asking yourself – How they know which trends will be active in 2018? – actually, very easy. Most logo design trends will stay active for few years (with few exceptions). They need around six months to one year to be established and depending on the general acceptance they last one or two years more. So, what are the future trends?

1.Minimalism Minimalism Minimalism

Have you seen the new Juventus logo? In case you didn’t, check it out, that’s a form of simplification as its finest. This trend is definitely here to stay.

2.Negative space | Broken Letters | Cropping

Why this trend keep coming back from the dead? Of course there is a lot more behind it, but people love mysteries, and people love to think they’re the only one who know the true meaning of design, they like to feel special. This trend is old, but in the past year it has been under the loop, emerging again and again it will only grow in 2018.

3.Animated logos

Completely opposite from the first two, this trend is new and with current social media trending, it’s perfect pitch for a few seconds message.

4.Line art

New trend for new businesses. Have you seen logo for East India Company from the TV Show Taboo?

5.Photography in logos

This is a quick and easy way to add personality to the brand.

6.Vintage | Hipster | Hand – drawn

In this digital world hand-drawn & vintage designs feel fresh,human and grounded. This style is usually used for the café-restaurant industry, barbers or art and crafts.


Old-school. Old-school. Old-school.

8.Pattern & repetition

Patterns are a new trend, and they look great combined with almost all design trends. This can be a unique way to represent your logo.