Future Through Web Browser

Despite difficulties wind power is rapidly developing, everywhere where economy allows to, with growth rates ranging from 10 to 40% (per year). Total global installed capacity currently is 487 GW, with the increase of 54 GW in 2016. Our Client, GlobeWind will help you to stay on track of wind efficiency.

Future is here

Whether you live in China who installed 145 MW of wind capacity last year, and broke every record, or you live in Belgium or Serbia who installed just few wind turbines, with our client, GlobeWind you can follow efficiency of your wind turbine on any web browser all of the time.

Our approach

Imagine the globe. What do you see? Something blue? Of course. Earth contains 71% of water. That was our first association, too. So, we started with a water drop, precisely with a half of water drop. On the other side imagine the design of early wind turbine. Combine this two ideas in oneĀ – Do you see what we saw?

TrackĀ all of your energy, offshore and onshore on one page.

See more about this project on our Behance profile