Small business problem: Choosing the right logo concept


You’re launching a small family business and looking for a graphic designer for a help with the logo. This can be very exhausting, especially if you don’t know what to look for, but for the greater good you’re willing to try. Couple days of research and you’ve finally found designer that matches (quality, price range, style). Great! Few mails later and designer is asking “How much draft ideas do you need “. The more the better? Not so fast.

The Paradox of Choice

This may seem counterintuitive but the more choices you’ve it’s more difficult to decide. Let’s see why.

It’s completely natural that non-design person is not familiar with ideas and meanings behind design, and they should relay to the person they hire to do the job.

After agreement, designer is presenting three different ideas. You don’t understand why is something the way it is, but you’re just liking the color from the first one, concept from the second one and the overall feeling of the third. At this point you’re probably thinking, this designer is really great, he used everything I said, we’re almost there. Again, not so fast.


Countless revisions later, you’re unsatisfied, far more behind the start, without any love for final ideas. Confusing, right? What happened here? He was so good at start and now it seems that he doesn’t know what he’s doing.

Almost there

Designer actually didn’t know what he was doing from the start. He has consciously offered multiple options with the details you want and you’ve become like a kid in a candy store, and we all know what the kid is going to do.

If he went beyond the brief and researched the market and competitors, and made far more than three concepts, then he would realize that showing one final draft idea based on his experience and gathered information can be enough. Of course you should share ideas and participate in the logo process, but remember that you hired him because of his expertise and not to be your friend in the lost path.

Understanding the trend

First reason must be economic: Designers/Design studios are cutting corners to save the time so they can finish the job earlier take the money and start with the next one.. The easiest way: Ask clients what they want – don’t think – deliver.

It’s good to hear something like “Pressure makes diamonds” , but in reality most people, in this case designers, have become very insecure by the pressure of society. Even they don’t believe in the their work anymore, so by making everything transparent pressure seems to fade, but in reality, they’re just buried by it: introduction to second reason.

So called designers – third reason: In the recent years market has been overwhelmed with the websites like 99designs, upwork, fiverr and others where you can find so called professional designers who’re making cheap designs without any real idea behind the design. They’re harming anyone in industry because they’re someone who can partially use the tool, but don’t know how to build and what to build, and where to build.