Small business: How to Advertise

April 17, 2017 – Everything starts with a dream. If it’s sounds good enough, you’re converting dream into goal. Be honest with yourself, what goals do you want to set for the company? To be better at service? Are your goals social – giving back to the community? Profit increase? Or you want to expand the company through new employees or brand awareness for instance?

Importance of Leadership: Positioning

April 12, 2017 – We all know why is important to be a leader in your company, and all benefits from it, but you’ve probably already established leadership at home. Let’s admit it, that was fairly easy. But what then? You’re leader in the room, but there is infinite number of rooms out there. How to concur all of them, and can you?

Small and medium businesses: Increase Your Revenue

April 8, 2017 – Did this ever happened to you? You’re in the store of some luxury fashion brand and trying few pieces on, everything fits wonderful, but it’s still way out of your budget. You’re sad, but still looking for something that fits your budget.. And they there are, sunglasses made for you. 350$ is a little bit too much, right?

Small business problem: Choosing the right logo concept

April 3, 2017 – You’re launching a small family business and looking for a graphic designer for a help with the logo. Couple days of research and you’ve finally found designer that matches (quality, price range, style). Great! Few mails later and designer is asking “How much draft ideas do you need “. The more the better? Not so fast.

Science or art: How humans perceive colors? Impact on design

Depending on our demographics as well as the cultural environment, we use certain colors to describe the world. For example people from West will use pink to describe femininity, green for freshness or growing, dark blue for safety, red for passion and so on, and people from East will associate that same colors for something else.

Simple approach: What makes a great logo?

If you’re reading this, we should suppose that you understand how much is good logo important for your business, it has a vital role, but what makes a good logo? Let’s get back to the basics. We’ve all heard that logo should be meaningful, distinctive, simple, versatile, relatable, timeless, memorable, appropriate – but what all of this actually means?

The Way Of The Future: Logo Design Trends in 2018

We’re into the third month in 2017, and you’re asking yourself – How they know which trends will be active in 2018? – actually, very easy. Most logo design trends will stay active for few years (with few exceptions). They need around six months to one year to be established and depending on the general acceptance they last one or two years more. So, what are the future trends?